Programs & Activities

The children’s interests are the foundations of our program. Our childcare approach aims to create a program that is challenging, fun and exciting. We do this to support each child’s individual strengths, interests and developmental areas.

Activities are structured to include experiences children choose to do, developing their independence and life skills. We encourage children to be involved in a variety of activities, including art, music, cooking, sport, dance and drama.

Our curriculum development focuses on both the individual and group needs, to reflect the Framework for School Age Care in Australia “My Time Our Place” and the National Quality Standards.

The program will reflect the talents, skills and interests of the educators within the service and will allow hands-on learning opportunities. This will cover all areas of development and the curriculum such as physical skills, language skills, cognitive skills, creative arts and environmental education. We strive to provide a balance of activities throughout the day: indoor or outdoor, quiet or active, individual or small groups/ large groups, spontaneous, child or teacher-initiated.