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Kool HQ  offers primary-aged children an active, fun, vibrant space and activities they love. Our programs are designed with a focus on having fun, learning new skills and making new friends.

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Welcome to Kool HQ, where we are excited to start every day with a passion and love for what we do!

Our school holiday programs are thoughtfully designed with the best interests of children in mind, providing the highest quality care and activities that are innovative and filled with fun.

School Holiday Programs

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Enrolling online is completely free so you can try out our program and discover firsthand what all the excitement is about.

Claim Child Care Subsidy

All our services are Child Care Subsidy approved, which can reduce the cost of our programs by up to 85%. Check out our Fee Estimator to calculate your out-of-pocket fees.

Have Lots of Fun

Our days are jam-packed with sport, art, music, movement, cooking, science, drama, free play, incursions, excursions and so much more!

Learn New Skills

Our programs offer five activity workshops per day, with a choice for every child, delivered by qualified educators with the expertise to engage and educate.

Meet New Friends

Children are gathered in age-appropriate groups with their peers to enjoy activities that are developmentally suitable in a safe and exciting environment.

Kool HQ After Care

Kool HQ provides care, play and learning for primary school-age children before and after school hours.

After School Program

Kool HQ delivers an exciting, fun and engaging after care program that enables families to work or study outside of school hours.

Children can choose between planned and spontaneous activities that may include a variety of arts, reading, imaginative play, STEM, dance, drama, cooking, games, sport and music.



Builds social and emotional skills.


Provides recreational leisure time in a safe and supportive setting.


Supports children’s growing sense of belonging, independence and self-help skills.


Contributes towards meeting their physical activity and nutritional needs.


All our services are Child Care Subsidy approved, which can reduce the cost of our programs by up to 85%. Check out our Fee Estimator to calculate your out-of-pocket fees.

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Raise a healthy mind

Raising Healthy Minds is a free app you can tailor to your child, family and interests. It answers your questions about child wellbeing and shares practical tips for your day-to-day family life.

Download now to start building your child’s wellbeing, encouraging positive behaviour and emotions, strengthening family relationships and looking after yourself.

Changes to Child Care Subsidy

CCS changed on 10 July 2023.

Most families using child care can now get more subsidy. Read more about what you need to know from July.

You can use our Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Calculator to estimate your out-of-pocket cost.

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Our Values

The Kool HQ values are derived from the code of conduct as a foundation to guide our actions, management and decisions for the children and the teachers in the workplace.

Our values are made to S.T.I.C.K

Providing a safe environment

Let’s do it together

Think out of the box

Establish connections

Respect and Care for one another