Market Day

Market Day is a special day at Kool HQ where children become entrepreneurs.

The activity is held once a week where children buy, swap and sell their pre-loved items from home to create a stall with friends and lots of treasured goodies.

Our young entrepreneurs enjoy being part of something extraordinary! They manage a fair bargain with peers and shop around in a marketplace atmosphere.

The children just cant wait to return back for another fun Market Day!

Market Day Guideline

On Market Day, teachers provide children with the tools they need to learn and get inspired to create a stall in the Kool HQ marketplace. Ultimately the experience is that children buy, swap and sell their items in exchange for Kool HQ dollars.

Stalls may consist of riddles, guessing games, food stalls, bookstalls, card swapping or general toy stalls. What makes the marketplace fun is both Buyers and Sellers! So the children don’t necessarily need to create a stall.

Where do children get Kool HQ dollars?

Children earn Kool Kidzz dollars at Kool Kidzz by participating in various games.  

How do children use the Kool HQ dollars?

Market Day is providing children with an opportunity to use their hard earned Kool Kidzz Dollars as a currency to buy or sell items from their peers.

Below is a guideline of what you can sell on Market Day.

Just remember! Items sold will not come back home.  The children should be happy to pass the items on to others to enjoy.

What you can sell?

Pre-loved items including books, toys, collectible cards, dress ups, etc. 

Services including massage stall, photo booth, lucky dip, origami, etc.

Food including healthy food and drinks with minimal sugar.

We are a NUT FREE ZONE – Please ensure your children do not bring any food containing NUTS as we have children attending with severe nut allergies.

What NOT to sell?

No canned soft drinks

No toy guns

No lolly contests out of Jars

No nut products

No nail polish

No hair products/sprays

No adhesive tattoos